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Sea Lampreys Queen Elizabeth Pie
Sea Lampreys Queen Elizabeth pie - A lot of people would like to eat like a queen, but probably not if the dish was lamprey pie. But that treat made from eel-like fish is being prepared by the British city of Gloucester in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in June, the 60th anniversary of the queen’s ascent to the throne, according to Associated Press.

Queen Elizabeth Lamprey

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Queen Elizabeth Lamprey
Queen Elizabeth Lamprey - A lot of people would like to eat like a queen, but probably not if the dish was lamprey pie.but that treat made from eel-like fish is being prepared by the British city of Gloucester in honor of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in June, Queen Elizabeth II bio, Queen Elizabeth Cutty Sark, the 60th anniversary of the queen's ascent to the throne, according to Associated Press.

Ball-Snatching Couple Wants Apology

Ball-Snatching Couple Wants Apology - Texas Couple Finds Foul Ball-Snatching Wants Apology, NSW family warns KFC not to appeal compo,  The engaged couple that has been vilified for snatching away a baseball that was intended for a toddler at Wednesday’s Rangers-Yankees game say they have been treated unfairly. And they want an apology from the Yankees broadcaster whose comments helped make the video of the episode go viral.

2012 April product recalls

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2012 April product recalls
2012 April product recalls, Consumers saw everything from dog food to almonds to grass trimmers recalled this month. Keep reading to see what other products were pulled from store shelves in April. husqvarna trimmers recalled, diamond naturals pet food salmonella recall, fisher almonds recall,

Sea Lampreys Queen Elizabeth Pie

Sea Lampreys Queen Elizabeth Pie, Sea Lampreys from Great Lakes Destined for Queen Pie (Britain's Queen Elizabeth II): A few invasive sea lampreys from the U.S. Great Lakes have been shipped to England for use in a traditional pie for Queen Elizabeth II.

Say No to Crack Yes to U.S. Roller Rink

Say No to Crack Yes to U.S. Roller Rink, Web commercial going viral tells kids to say 'no' to crack, 'yes' to US roller skating rink, A commercial going viral on YouTube tells kids to say "no" to crack and "yes" to a Nevada roller rink.

Mysterious particle found after decades

Mysterious particle found after decades, Mysterious Particle Found After Decades of Searching, A phenomenon first predicted in 1937 may have finally been seen in the real world, scientists say. An elusive particle that is its own antiparticle may have been found, and, if confirmed, would be the first time a phenomenon predicted decades ago has been seen in a real system.

Kim Kardashian reveals plan to run for mayor

Kim Kardashian reveals plan to run for mayor, Kim Kardashian Wants to be Mayor of Glendale, California, The reality TV star has a strategy for winning elected office in one special city. If Kim Kardashian has her way, she may be addressed as Mayor Kardashian one day. In a bonus clip from the "Khloé and Lamar" show Sunday, the two sisters are filmed driving around in Dallas -- and pass by the Ross Perot Museum.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Tweets Photo of Herself Without Makeup

Jennifer Love Hewitt Tweets Photo of Herself Without Makeup, Jennifer Love Hewitt has stripped down -- her face, that is -- to a totally bare-bones makeup look! "The no make up look... Glam look to follow," the 33-year-old Client List star tweeted Tuesday along with a self portrait of her without wearing a lick of makeup.

Dad Tapes School Staff Taunting Autistic Son

Dad Tapes School Staff Taunting Autistic Son, Stuart Chaifetz Secretly Tapes His Autistic Son at School, Discovers He's Being Bullied by Teachers, Stuart Chaifetz posts the unsettling comments online in an emotional YouTube video. When his 10-year-old son, Akian, started getting into trouble at school, Stuart Chaifetz was stunned. The notes from Horace Mann Elementary School in Cherry Hill, N.J., said that Akian, who has autism, was having violent outbursts and hitting his teacher and his aide -- behavior that the boy had never exhibited before.

A Selection of Creative Things

Some of the things we were already at the Mines, but this collection, they certainly will not spoil! Enjoy watching!

Auto China Show 2012
Last Monday in the Chinese capital has started International Auto Show Beijing Auto China-2012. As to date, one of the largest avtovystavok in Southeast Asia, Beijing Auto Show attracts major attention to the automakers. And it is not surprising, because China's automobile market has long been ahead of all other the world car market in size and growth rates. Every year in the Chinese auto industry billions of dollars invested amount and the increase in production is observed not only in the factories the world's major automakers, located in China, but also from domestic automakers.

The Actors Under the Mask
Despite what some sci-fi movie with a fictional character, we do not even think about
that under the make-up professionally imposed hiding the actor, who rarely know.

Eyes and Lips Art
Katie Alves - an artist who turns his eyes and lips in a work of art. She uses makeup to recreate scenes from your favorite cartoons.

Most Expensive Paintings in the World
A. Jackson Pollock - No. 5 sold for $ 140 million in 2006

Fancy Queens and Beautiful in Brazil
No, not Rio de Janeiro. And just Posusje de Caldas, nondescript town near Sao Paulo. But it suits his fancy queens are considered the most beautiful in Brazil. For example, here is this: it's called "The reflection of

Beautiful Miniature Gold
 The Most Beautiful Miniature Gold in the World.

Cassette Tape Artwork

Crazy Celebrity Shoes
The Different Crazy Celebrity Shoes .

Amazing Car Wash Art
In the spacious and bustling streets of big cities is very common to meet a car, completely covered with a layer of dirt and dust. There are car owners who seem to be guided by some principle known only to them not to wash their cars. In glasses of this technique is usually painted the words "wash me".

Rocker Accessories
Huge rings, bracelets, skulls, rockers love these. You can not imagine this rocker without leather pants, leather jackets, and many accessories on the body.

Surprising Geometric Shapes of the Notes
Canadian artist and a passionate traveler. She studied at the College of Art and Design in Chelsea and was a graduate of Emily Carr Institute in Vancouver in 2005. In a series of installations entitled "Part of the money," Christie creates a stunning three-dimensional multi-colored geometric shapes of the notes.

Creative Art 2012

Chevrolet Camaro
The owner of this Chevrolet Camaro turned his car in what looks like a tank.I think he thoroughly prepared for a zombie invasion;)In fact, this car is a replica of the armored car from Mad Max.

Designed to uplift your Mood
The original design of the usual things - an inexhaustible subject. Thousands of talented designers around the globe are constantly inventing things like that, they immediately want to buy and own, and to show everyone. Funny little things designers can decorate the house, to simplify life, to diversify the office everyday, as well as lift your mood.

Painting Tape
To carry out planned we will need: colored duct tape, a good knife with replaceable blades and a glazed frame for the picture. All this stuff can be purchased at any hardware such as the French supermarket with a green triangle.

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