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 Use rare American crocodile to make hamburger

Yes, you really can put on a special headset and have the electrical signals from your brain help you play a videogame. It's still early days, but there are a variety of products on the market and plenty of others in development.

The World's Largest Sushi Mosaic Contains More than 8,000 Pieces of Sushi
Sushi chefs in China recently created the world’s largest sushi mosaic at the Norweigan pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. The mosaic took over 8,000 pieces of sushi to create and shows an image of the Chinese and Norwegian flags intertwined.
The world’s largest sushi mosaic was created in part to help smooth over recently tense relations between Norway and China. The mosaic itself looks amazing and is sure to make your stomach growl. Check out the time lapse video above to see just how this impressive sushi creation came to be.

 Top 10 Weird Looking Crabs in the World

 Smoking Banads on Foreign Street

You may not notice the grime when it’s always turned on, but laptop and computer screens can get quite dusty. Elecom Groomy and Baby Groomy plush toys are the solution to those digital dust bunnies and it’s a cute solution too.

These plush toys come in various adorable animal figures sit flat on their belly for the purpose of using their cutesy stomachs as dusters. When the Elecom Groomy and Baby Groomy toys aren’t in use, they sit charmingly on your desk.

Katell Gelebart is taking eco-friendly clothing to new heights with her food packaging fashions. Katell Gelebart has created dresses, aprons, and jackets out of packets of pasta and cat food bags.

My favorite piece here has to be the packets of pasta jackets. At first glance it looks like any other jacket you’d see in stores, but a closer inspection reveals the brand name Barilla plastered all over it as well as weights and nutrition facts. Check out the gallery above to see Katell Gelebart’s amazing food packaging fashion.

 Coolest Zombie Parade at the Streets of London.

Kick the Kawasaki, ditch the Davidson and get yourself something both rare and ravenous– the Renard Grand Tourer Motorcycle. This sexy street beast is 125 horses of V2 glory, a carbon-fiber and kevlar cruiser that’ll take you to 143 mph if the desire arises.

Is it a blessing or a curse? When an actor nails a role, or just plays the same character- its hard to envision them as anyone else.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Christopher Mintz- Plasse

 Deadly Poisonous Animals in the World

1. Ellen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneres Fox’s American Idol
Estimated earnings: $55 million

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