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Each year, about half a million tourists visit this palace in South Dakota. It was first built in 1892, and since then several times altered. The latter was erected in 2009. Guess what it was made?

In Tokyo, the traditional Festival of crying children, writes The Daily Mail. The event was attended by more than 80 kids.As part of this festival is a competition involving sumo wrestlers, was holding small children.
Sumoists children go to the judges in pairs and stand up opposite each other.The sense of competition is that as soon as possible to make a baby cry. Anyone whose child begins to cry the first to be declared the winner of a pair. If the children wept at the same time, then the winner is the child who was crying louder than his opponent. In the event that a child can not bring to tears, the judge puts a terrible event mask and starts to tease the baby.

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