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Fantasy Cosplay
A selection of beautiful dresses in the style of cosplay. These people love to transform into their favorite fantasy characters. And what is your favorite character.

City in the Sky
British architect Tzvetan Toshkov  developed the concept of futuristic skyscrapers.The project is "City in the sky" is meant to create a green oasis on the dirty and smoky cities. The basis was taken a lotus flower. This flower is known for its ability to grow in the muddy waters, flowering over their surface.

Obama Divorce Story

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Obama Divorce Story
Obama Divorce Story - A controversial book released this week claims Michelle Obama had plans to divorce President Barack Obama, Obama Divorce Story, resurfacing the story that allegedly took place in 2000 before his presidency.

Amazing Photos
Do not pass by - extend the life of at least 15 minutes.

Queen Elizabeth Panties $18K

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Queen Elizabeth Panties $18K
Queen Elizabeth Panties $18K - Queen Elizabeth underwear, estate of baron de bicske dobronyi queen underwear, In a twisted, odd, and stomach-churning turn of events, someone got a hold of a vintage pair of Queen Elizabeth’s underwear. The underwear then began a strange journey onto the Internet, where the item was put up for auction. I always knew some people had a fe**sh for grody underwear, but apparently when that pair of panties once belonged to the Queen, the price goes up exponentially.

Steve Chambers: Clenched Teeth
Nothing can prevent the expression of a creative person - even the physical defects. Confirmation of this was English 50-year-old artist, Steve Chambers , who paints by holding a brush in his mouth. Steve's hands do not function in childhood due to a rare disease. Draw the artist began very early, and according to him, on the development of hand it took him not so much time. Now draw a mouth, for it is no more difficult than for us to pick up a spoon. By the way, Steve Cheybers happily married and has four children. In my opinion, an excellent example of human self-realization in life, no matter what.

Jade Belt Bridge
The classic example - the Jade Belt Bridge  off the west coast of Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace of Emperor Qianlong. This stone bridge, built in 1751-64 years., Arranged in such a way as to pass under an imperial boat.

Amazing Paint or Coat
British artist Thomas Poulsom uses a special technique of applying oil paints on canvas. Looking at his work from a distance, ignorant man may even seem that they are linked from the wool.

Cats in the Fruit

Beautiful Bouquet
To become an interior decoration, beautiful flower vase needs to be decent. By the way, these vases can be given both separately and together with the bouquet, and it will not be trivial.

Largest Sculpture Made of Chocolate
This is - this dream of a lover of chocolate. The enormous sculpture, imitating the ancient wonder of the world - Teotihuacan, made entirely of chocolate. I wonder whether to allow the sculptor to try your work of art, because in creating a miracle spent a lot of effort.

Souvenirs with his Own Hands
Wheels made ​​from a bicycle chain, and bearings, all obzhog advance at the stake.

Unusual and Beautiful Bras
Here they met - a luxury lingerie and the Japanese fondness for odd inventions.The company «Triumph Lingerie» every year in Japan is the new brasalthough most of them never move from the concept stage.

Creative ideas
Not once was considered interesting topic in the subject design review helpful inventions for life and work, as well as ideas for improvement of the interior.Every day in the world there are more and more creative solutions for interior space, evidence of that - a selection of these photos, which we think will not make you bored and inspire the creative changes in the design of your homes and offices.

Benches are Different
Very creative funny unique amazing cool interesting.

Exhibition of Sculptures
The museum reserve Kolomenskoye May 1st exhibition of sculpture, "" The Great History of Russia "in the sand." This is the fifth such exhibition. Sculptures there oh how little, but still interesting.

Interior of the House
The most unusual interior, which I had to shoot!There are a lot of what you can tell ... but I will mention only those things that caught my eye for a short time, stay inside ..

Replacement of Alcohol for Muslims
Kat - the most common drug in the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa.It is a kind of substitute alcohol, which is forbidden among Muslims.Leaves Kata tastes very sour, and their use compared to the sensations of chewing pine needles.The drug has similar properties to amphetamine and causes hyperactivity and euphoria.Kat is addictive, but not as strong as alcohol and nicotine.Effect of - loss of appetite, depression, hallucinations, psychosis, ulcers, constipation, hemorrhoids, heartattacks.Can cause cancer of the throat and mouth. The most common category in Yemenwhere according to some sources it is taken 70-80% of men aged 16 to 50 years.Receive kata women is frowned upon.Living in Yemen spend on a daily basis the drug 14.6 million dollars.

FBI Most Wanted

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FBI Most Wanted
  FBI Most Wanted, Just shy of the one-year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s assassination the FBI updated its Ten Most Wanted list. The list currently stands at nine with the recent capture of James Whitey Bulger. The FBI is offering a hefty reward for all but one of these fugitives. FBI Most Wanted +  up to $100,000 reward for information

Unusual Handbags 
Amazing and eye-catching designer bags.Bag-folder

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