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Masterpieces of Modern Art
American artist Casey Zavaliy (Cayce Zavaglia) his works blurs the lines between painting and tapestry, and offers a new definition to the word. Despite the fact that the artist draws a thread, and instead of a brush and a canvas using a needle and fabric, her portraits look as if drawn butter. The girl was practiced long enough, producing its own original style and an innovative system of "drawing with thread," but in the end, her embroidered portraits can be called true masterpieces of modern art.

World Most Body Exhibition

Selection of Amazing Tattoos
Good Selection of creative unique entertainment Tattoos.

Creative Palace, Made ​​their Own Hands
One guy from France, dreamed of a personal palace. But, unfortunately, he could not afford to build, but it was a lot of free time. Once he decided to build a family palace with his hands. And after 33, he is ready to show his creation, which he created decades. Please note that the guy had no construction education and work experience.

Creative Dream House
See how to build a house from scratch, which can be safely called a dream.

Peruvian bar serves up fresh frog juice
Peruvian bar serves up fresh frog juice, NBC TODAY Show A fresh juice bar in Lima, Peru, adds frogs to their mix. The bar owner says frog juice soothes fatigue and keeps the body strong.'s Dara Brown reports.

TOP 8 Types of High School Girls

Sculptures look like Real People
 These sculptures look like real people, who stopped in a certain position.

Amazing Bottle Cap Time Collection
Plastic bottle caps are an object that generates interest among artists because of its multifunctionality and decorative qualities.

Amazing Dentist for a Predator
Are you afraid to go to the dentist?And imagine a doctor, which brought a huge Bengal tiger or a 20-year lion?Once I showed you how to treat horses teeth, now let's see how the campaign goes to the dentist for a predator.

Celebrities with Multiple Marriages
Celebrities with multiple marriages, With the news that a member of rock royalty, Paul McCartney, (Paul McCartney marriage) is set to walk down the aisle in yet another marriage (Nancy Shevell), we look at other celebrities whose nuptial numbers make Paul's three seem paltry.

Stars without Makeup. Cool collection of stars who lost cause makeup.


 Creative Bullet Jewelry 

Miss Universe 2011. Pre-selection Contest
Today in Las Vegas hosted the final of the international beauty contest "Miss Universe". Took first place Miss Angola Leila Lopes, a 25 years old, and the second went to Miss of Ukraine Olesya Stefanenko. Congratulations to our neighbors! And you propose to look at beautiful women who have tried on costumes. Most impressive were the costumes of Panama, Venezuela, Trinidad, Cayman Islands, and Peru. But Russia could come up with something interesting.

Great Designs Collection Shoes

Cinema in Kabul
Cinemas there unusual

Creative T- Shirts

Creative Matchsticks

Creative Inspired Jewelry

Driving School in Kabul - Afghan Capital
The harsh learning environment is presented in Kabul driving school.

Cool Pictures of the Body

Ceramic Clothing

Creative Jar Vases

Amazing Balloon Clothes

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