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 The Manufacture Royale Opera Tourbillon Watch Costs $1.2 Million

The Hermes Kellydoscope Bag Set-Up Will Draw Plenty of Attention

If our famous female celebrities have Mustaches on their beautiful faces then.....

From Michael Jackson to George Steinbrenner, the 13 stars on our annual list earned $506 million from beyond the grave.

Suntanned Turkey

With a little aluminum-foil ingenuity, Thanksgiving can be just another day at the beach. Courtesy of the blogs The Whole Enchilada and Raven's Brain, we found an easy way to surprise your Thanksgiving dinner guests: (1) Cut out aluminum foil in desired swimsuit-inspired shapes. (2) Arrange the turkey in the roasting pan and position the foil carefully. (3) Roast according to your own recipe and serve. (4) Watch your guests' faces ...

The Facebook Book by Perfect Fools Preserves Your Online Persona
Though it may not be the first Facebook book, this social media memoir by Perfect Fools is still a fabulous way to freeze your Internet activity in time. The idea for the Facebook Book dawned on Perfect Fools when Bouygues Telecom approached them with an urge to launch a Facebook platform.
Instead of creating an app with a simple social community or a silly prank to pull on your friends, Perfect Fools came up with the Facebook Book. The book is built on the premise of having all activity lost when a page refreshes—the Facebook Book ensures that your online presence is perfectly preserved.

The jobs website releases a monthly Job Search Difficulty Index, which measures the difficulty of finding employment in 50 major cities around the country. The Index is calculated by dividing the number of unemployed workers in each metropolitan area, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the number of jobs in Juju's index of millions of online jobs in the United States. Here are the cities that, according to that formula, are the least difficult to find a job in.

01. Kobe Bryant – Los Angeles Lakers
Net Worth: $24.8 million

Bryant is the NBA’s top-paid player for the first time this season. The $83.5 million, three-year extension he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in April assures he will stay on top through the 2013-14 season.

Here is a tour of 10 of the most moneyed and magnificent communities, from the leafy suburbs of Connecticut to the idyllic beaches of Hawaii.

Top 12 Hottest Cars Of 2011

Here's our list of the ultimate dream machines for 2011. We include models that have the 2011 model-year label and/or will be available next year. We do not include concept cars (like the many unveiled from Lotus this year in Paris). Cars are listed in alphabetical order.

Unique jewelry creations made out of recycled bottle caps

Scientists have developed an innovative robotic gripper based on the jamming of granular materials.

Fingers were replaced by balloon with ground coffee that, when pressed onto an object, flows around it and conforms to its shape. Upon application of a vacuum, gripper hardens and holds the object.

15 Most Unusual Animals in the World

1. Western Tarsier (Tarsius bancanus Horsfield)

The eyes of such a super small primate are not only disproportionately big — each of its eyes is bigger than its brain — but it also has the most strange night vision eyes in nature. The western tarsier jumps from one tree to another using its huge feet and strong back legs to look for insects and small invertebrates as food.

Pictures of things that have detained a bullet and saved from death or injury to its owner.

Knitting has covered the Main Street Bridge in Cambridge, Ontario. The colourful piece of public art called KNIT camBRIDGE was unveiled during the grand opening ceremony this weekend.

Knitting has covered the Main Street Bridge in Cambridge, Ontario. The colourful piece of public art called KNIT camBRIDGE was unveiled during the grand opening ceremony this weekend.

Hanebrink bicycles with super wide tires can handle all types of terrains.

Powerful 600 watt electric motor allows the bike to travel for more than 100 miles on a single charge with top speed of 20 mph.

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