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Steve Nash ex-wife

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Steve Nash ex-wife, Nothing sends a warm tingle down the back of the spine like a finger-pointing legal battle between wealthy divorcees now, does it If for some reason you felt like your life was lacking the icy tang of baby-mama drama this week, relief is on its way. Steve Nash has found himself locked in a legal battle with his ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla, who claims the Lakers guard is trying to block her from moving to Los Angeles to avoid paying child support.

Ali Khalil Elreda attempting to smuggle funds in a toy, A multi-agency task force this morning arrested a dozen people who face federal charges, including narcotics trafficking, selling counterfeit goods and crimes designed to conceal large sums of cash from authorities.

Hooters Free Food

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Hooters Free Food, Hooters may have finally figured out a way to lure Mom in the door: Give her free foodFor one day, at least.The chain famous for its waitresses in sexy uniforms has long struggled to attract female customers - particularly mothers. But this Mother's Day, it hopes to lure mothers nationwide by offering free entrees - worth up to $10 - for mothers who bring a kid along and buy any drink.

Gold medalist dead

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Gold medalist dead, Training on the San Francisco Bay turned deadly for an America's Cup racing team from Sweden. The Artemis Racing catamaran capsized near Alcatraz Thursday afternoon, killing one team member.Andrew Simpson, a two-time Olympic medalist from the U.K., died in the accident.

Teacher Fired Over Bikini Photo, A Florida teacher got the ax after a racy photo of her from a past modeling gig was dug up by the school's principal.

Jeffrey Dahmer kept some of his victims body parts at home, Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee on May 21, 1960. He killed his first murder victim, Steven Hicks, with a blow to the head in 1978. Dahmer killed 17 men, molesting some of them, between 1978 to 1991. Once caught, he was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms in 1992. On November 28, 1994, Dahmer was murdered by fellow prisoner Christopher Scarver.

Jeffrey Dahmer was beaten to death in prison, Five days before Jeffrey Dahmer was killed, he met with Roy Ratcliff, the minister who was his only visitor at the Columbia Correctional Institution, for their weekly Bible study session.

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