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International Festival of Body Art in 2012
In the beginning of autumn in September South Korean city of Daegu is the largest international festival of body art - 2012 International Bodypainting Festival Asia. Artists presented unusual works, which include not only the painting on the body, but the amazing jewelry, hairstyles, wigs and hats. Festival guests can enjoy not only the models, but they can taste the food, music, entertainment pouchastovat in various competitions.

Giant Mermaid Arria
Scottish city Kombernauld recently got lucky talisman. Arria sculpture Andy Scott has become a symbol of this town.

Bald and Beautiful
 Many of these people are well known throughout the world for her roles in films. Image change for these guys is an integral part of life and profession. Today we look at the unusual part of the style as a bald spot. Someone has to contend with a balding head, making zero haircuts, and someone uses it as part of an image, or to work in the next movie.

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