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San Diego based company BottleHood creates unique glassware out of recycled glass bottles.

Artist Liz Hickok from San Francisco, which turned jelly, a modest children's dessert in the colorful city landscapes, full of rickety buildings and bridges edible. San Francisco, New York, Wilmington - all these cities are built from Liz jelly. Not only that, she built a Twin Peaks, and this alone says something!

 The motorcycle has an original design and special design suspension. It can vary the stiffness of the steppe, combining the properties of the sportbike and urban scooter.

 ak and not wait for the iPhone 4 in white casing a Chinese craftsman decided to go their own way - for their precious phone he made transparent body! All filling iPhone is now perfectly visible, and generally the device to a new "outfit" looks great and is totally unique ...

Large sculptures are made from hundreds of thousands of crayons. Herb is the only artist in the world who maintains an account with Crayola.

 Wolfgang Baetz of Custom Wolf redesigned the custom-made ‘Scoop’ into an elegant bike, revealing his excellent craftsmanship.

Style Stars Past and Present

Style Star of the Year for 2010. Let's take a look back at who else has taken the top honor 
2007: Rihanna

A veteran fashion editor shares her tips for feeling well-dressed, no matter the occasion.
Feeling Clueless at Your Closet?

Beautiful Mansion in Canada

The Tron Audi R8 by West Coast Customs is One Sleak Beast of a Ride

 Amazing collection of ice sculptures around the world

Fans of Gundam, Japan’s 60-foot-tall hero to millions of sci-fi animation, have had to come to grips with an imposter basking in stolen sunlight at China’s Floraland Park in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

 Just think what he can do with his tong?

10 Transparent specieses of the sea

 A gray beard - a lusty. Him for 90 years. And he was the father of the child

Tree House Puts a Stopper in Traditional Tent Design
Next time I go camping, try and keep me out of the Dideia Tree House! Made entirely of cork—and shaped like one too—this tempranillo-loving tent is the perfect shelter for wilderness-wandering wine drinkers.

 Wonderful work here clearly showed how to change a celebrity after processing in Photoshop.

Collection of the most unusual, innovative, and creative stool designs.

Collection of unusual and creative necklaces that will look great on your neck and get you noticed.

The Veritas RS III is A Lean Mean Machine
The Veritas RS III is a supercar powerhouse. This unique roadster has a body made out of carbon-kevlar on a fabulously light frame. The supercar’s mega power comes from its BMW M5 engine, which develops an astonishing 600 horsepower.

Collection of useful and useless things or gadgets.

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