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Beauty in a Bottle
My sister, while sitting in the maternity, found a job.She always longed to do something of such things, but here it is already a full program.

Smallest Babies in the World
Premature babies - the most vulnerable category of human beings. They come into this world weak, with significantly less weight than normal babies, and are faced with a huge number of health problems due to the fact that their bodies do not have time to develop properly. As a result, they have to undergo special treatment in the intensive care unit for newborns. What happens to these children and then when they start to grow? Unambiguous prediction does not exist. We offer a selection of photos of the smallest babies in the world.

January 2012 Celebrity Quotes

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January 2012 Celebrity Quotes
January 2012 Celebrity Quotes, January 2012 Famous Quotes, Memorable January quotes, It's been an unforgettable year so far. Three Republican presidential candidates dropped out of the race. A legendary coach lost his battle with cancer. A comedy icon celebrated her 90th birthday. Keep reading to see January's most memorable quotes. Perry, Huntsman and Bachmann drop out of GOP race,

World most Promising Designer
Among its models is the Medusa costume, dress, surrounded by a halo of frozen water in the air, and outfits like the scenery for the TV series "Babylon 5". Wear this seems impossible, but the designer has fans, quite ready for it. For example, Lady Gaga. Singer regularly appears in public in clothes from Iris Van Erpen. The eccentric U.S. pop star decided on something that many others are not capable.

Amazing Sofa Decoration
 This sofa - an integral part of any male friendly gatherings.No wonder, because it is hidden an important secret.I have not abandoned this:)

Design for Cats
The interior of each apartment can be turned into a Cat House.In order to furry pet was not bored and I felt comfortable in the personal space of human dwellings, the owner need only show a little imagination. Comfortable and beautiful place for a cat can be made from a cardboard box, and ikeevskoy of furniture, not to mention the designer finds in the area of products for animals.

Amazing Paper Work
The Englishwoman Sue Blackwell has chosen the subject of his work the old books. Inspired by this or that story, she begins to create three-dimensional miniature world. All that is required to breathe life into the story - a surgical scalpel, glue, old books, which are stored in the workshop Sue in large quantities.

Photos Look to the Future
Photos shared by vertically into slices.Then combine them so that the first photo complement the other.The result is a very unusual pictures from continuing activitiesthat seemed to peer into the future.

Amazing Carn Mazes
Here are a few photos of corn mazes that Glen and Pam Fritzler created at their farm in LaSalle, Colorado.
Their farm is known as the "Fritzler's Maze." The first mazes appeared at the farm of Glen and Pam back in 2000 when the farm was struggling for survival. Maze was a good investment. It is open to visitors only 7 weeks in the autumn months, and it is maintained by specifically hired for this period almost 200 people.

Witches on Skis
In the old days witches on broomsticks moving, and today more and more prefer to ski in Switzerland. The last thirty years on the slopes Belalp in January reigns a witches' sabbath. Fancy Dress Festival "Racing witches" attracts thousands of skiers. In the witch's outfit at breakneck speed they go down to 12-mile section of highway and spirited remember the Middle Ages, when the ancestors drove the slopes of the local witches. A few days ago here just ended 30th anniversary festival.

Celebrity Dogs

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Celebrity Dogs
Celebrity Dogs, Even dog owners who live the fabulous life have to endure such un-glam trials as chewed-up stilettos, doggie breath and house training. Try to guess which stars are happily humbled by these beloved hounds.

NYC School Worker Faked Daughter's Death, A New York City school employee has lost her job over accusations she faked her daughter's death so she could take a vacation to Costa Rica.

Funny Haircuts Athletes
Taribo West

Single Sheet of Paper
The artist Bovey Lee from Hong Kong skillfully revives the traditional Chinese craft - cutting shapes and pictures of the entire snow-white rice paper.

International Auto Exhibition India

We offer you the photos from the international automotive exhibition India Auto Expo, being held in New Delhi. Car manufacturers have focused on emerging markets to offset the fallen demand for its products in Europe.

Exhibition of the Crown Diamonds
According to the newspaper Daily Mail, some of the most precious jewels of Elizabeth will be on display in the same room where last summer that everyone could enjoy the wedding dress Catherine Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge.

Thousands of Colorful Stickers
 Do you think it would be if committed beduyu room to bring children and give them thousands of colorful stickers. A Japanese artist, decided to check it.

The Best Pictures Times in 2011
Convey the mood, status, thoughts of a man in one shot - it's incredibly hard work. But photographers "Times" made ​​it. Here is the selection of the best portraits in the opinion of most of the magazine.
First Tilda Suinton, aktrisa.

Unusual Snowmen
 Do you have snow blinded her man? Incidentally, the snowmen are very different and unusual. They do not have to consist of three lumps of snow and carrots, they can even sculpt on the shore of the warm sea, see for yourself!

Pixel-Art of the Covers
The real fan of supermarkets has created a picture of the Princess of caps from plastic bottles.Total took over a thousand and pieces.To assemble the cover he needed the right color for several months.Well, what does it all - see below.Now this picture is proudly flaunts in his house.

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