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Imperial Throne for Gamers
Computer workstation Emperor 200 can be called by this imperial throne for the avid gamer or professional who spend most of their time conducting the computer. The station is equipped with three monitors, electrified leather armchair, a powerful audio system and air conditioning system, whereby you do not have to take a shower every half hour. Such a thing would cost at $ 49.150, but it built on the basis of the structural features of your body.

Japanese Bento Lunch
Bento-Japanese term for odnoportsionnoy packaged food. Traditionally, bento consists of rice, fish or meat and one or more of chopped raw or pickled vegetables. Boxes are different in form and method of 
preparation. The Japanese have much to zamorochennye that make boxes of precious wood, varnished, are real works of art.

About Space
This photo galleries pictures collected in one way or another connected with the cosmos that have been made over the past month and a half.
Improved Hubble Space Telescope took this snapshot of "a bruise" in the nebula of Jupiter on July 23. Astronomers believe that dark point came when earlier this month, a comet crashed into the huge planet. This is the first large-format camera image telescope Hubble, which was installed during the flight into space in May. 

Month in Space: June 2012
Already many thousands of years of human space attracts with its beauty and freshness. And despite the fact that man has managed to break out of the atmosphere of the Earth, the universe is still full of mysteries. We bring you the best pictures of the cosmos and everything connected with it, in the past month.

Testicle-eating fish that killed two men caught by British angler - Testicle-Eating Fish That Killed Two Men Caught by British Angler, A British angler travelled to Papua New Guinea to snare a fish known to feast on the testicles of men.

After hearing two local men had died after being castrated by a fish while swimming in a river, causing them to bleed to death, Jeremy Wade went in search of the mysterious beast. Illinois Department of Natural Resources,

Alexander Jentzsch Death Mystery
Alexander Jentzsch Death Mystery – alexander jentzsch death mystery, The official cause of Scientologist Alexander Jentzsch’s death can’t be determined pending the results of toxicology tests, is exclusively reporting.

The 27-year-old son of Scientology president Heber Jentzsch, who hasn’t been seen in public since 2004, died July 2 in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley.

We are all different, and everything around us, and perceive differently. The color, the taste, sounds and smells, each defines its own way. To simplify the identification of the color table has been previously established Panton , which is used for professional purposes, designers and fotoretushery. The Spanish artist Dass Angelica  has released a series of photographs which depict people whose skin tone reflects a certain color Pantone. This project gave the name of Humanae.

The Airport on the Highway

The airport was built on the British territory of Gibraltar -it is a tiny peninsula area of 6.8 square kilometers.In normal airport could not be placed on such a small area.In the end it was decided to cross the runway and the busy Avenue Winston Churchill,that connects Gibraltar and Spain.

Amazing Car
This heavily armed heavy SUV Hummer was put up on eBay. Its cost is 55 000 thousand dollars, and he definitely will appeal to fans of military hardware;)

Everyday Things
Many of the things we face every day, have their own interesting definition.Personally, I've never heard of such.

Sculptures from around the World
Very interesting, funny and just weird sculptures all over the world, watch and admire.

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