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Amazing Products made of Coins
The vast majority of people use coins as money. But not Stacey Webber - an artist from the U.S. state of Indiana. In the forge of the coins she creates sculptures and objects of everyday life. I offer you pictures of work and a brief interview with the artist.

Funny and Creative holders for Books

Creative Toy Anatomy
If a toy skeleton, it would look that way.At least the author of these works Phryne Jason thinks so.

Reservoirs of Unusual Shape 2011
In fact, not all ponds are the correct geographical shape, and some may evenrecall certain things or objects.A selection of the most unusual lakes.

Creative Decorated
Like all creative decorated.

Sweet Creative Cakes 2011
Super creative cakes, some of them may even feel sorry for cutting into pieces.

Amazing Ugliest Car 2011
July 20 was the ugliest car day in the world.

The Most Expensive Pets
Some people do not have to have a simple house cat or dog, you want something unusual and exotic. Such people can easily start a home crocodiles and walk with him for a jog in the morning)) But how much is this luxury, and what pets are the most expensive at the moment? The answers can be found in this article.

Attack of the Wild Leopard
In the Indian province of Siliguri got a leopard, which was clearly aggressive and unfriendly set.
Was caused by a special service, which was trying to pacify the cat, but to no avail.Only once, when the predator caught his paws sixth man of the team, she got a dart with sleeping pills.

Dog are Enjoy the Hot Summer

Amazing Fashion Show
Strange costumes and models.

Great china Vases
Who said that the vase of porcelain may not be combined with a baseball bat or a wrench.

The Original Proposal of Marriage
The guy wanted his sentence to remember a lady hearts forever.He went to a tattoo parlor and a knee to get a tattoo, which read, "Marry me."

Amazing Wooden Motorcycle 2011
A resident of Lviv Vyacheslav Voronovich from school was fond of motorcycles. Dreamed that someday afford to buy the bike. Meanwhile, one of his hobbies was wood carving.

Amazing cock Fighting
Jan Sochor. Cock fighting - one of the most popular entertainment in Latin America. Fights are a race between fighting cocks, which blow off, so they undertaken more fights. There is a special branch of cultivation of these cocks, and their training.

Fashion show  Food & Fashion.
That just did not come up. I would say by summer, so cheaply and with a "taste". The skirt of spaghetti, peas, carrots, lettuce, bean hat and radishes, tops of green ...After defele the entire collection had been eaten, they say that was the most delicious skirt of green peas.Designer and fashion Martins Pupols.

Bike Fixtation Express station to Repair a Bike
Bike Fixtation - Self-repairing bicycles items that appeared in the Minneapolis, Minnesota. At each station, placed the tools needed for repairs, including pump and put the machine next to the starters, except where they have more and smaller parts for the bike. You can pay it in cash and credit card.

Amazing Paper Art
The most beautiful amazing paper art.

These Funny Animals
The most beautiful funny animals.

Cute dog Beach Suits

A Fan of the Movie 'Avatar
Remember Julia Roberts fan, who made 86 on his body tattoo with her image?So there is also a fan of the movie "Avatar," which went the same way as a fan of Julia Roberts.Number of drawings on his body until it is so great, but maybe he does not stop there.

Top 10 Most Useless Products

Top 10 Most Useless Products. The human mind is a beautiful and dangerous thing. Capable of astounding revelation and world-changing deductive reasoning, the scope of human intelligence has forever determined the course of human history and the evolution of the species. Bearing this lofty assertion in mind, let us not forget that there is a flip-side to everything – especially human ingenuity. That being said, allow me to present you with a brief list of ten of the most useless wastes of human invention ever to grace our humble planet.

Amazing Pattern Cutting
Pattern cut on the head no longer a rarity, but on the back - this is something new.
Only not everyone can wear a nature like that.

Louvre. Collection of any Differences.
Thanks to David Brown and "The Da Vinci Code" Louvre saw the majority of our citizens who have never been not so much in France, Turkey and beyond, Egypt.The famous pyramid in the courtyard, the largest museum in the world, pyatisotmetrovye queue for tickets and the possibility of smooth shooting with cameras of all types.

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