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House of Bottles

Beautiful Waiting Bus Stops
Surely, everyone at least once in life waiting for a bus or trolley-bus at the bus stop.And I can safely say that most of them were dull and inconspicuous.So let's look at the bus stop with all over the world.There's a pretty funny instances.

Intresting Festival of Children's Fashion
Accidentally wandered to the event, held in the City Day celebrations. As I later read in the news, the festival was attended by teams from the Ivanovo region from other Russian regions. There were participants from Moscow. But as we got to the festival by accident, remember who is who, failed. And the desire was not special. We just all really enjoyed it. Rebyatnya, costumes, behind the scenes, get-together, everything was fine and happy.Therefore, images with no comments, just mood. Some of the images taken his wife.

Potato Art and Sculptures

Contemporary artist Dzine

The Exhibition of Corpses


Unusual Entrance to the metro Station in Frankfurt
In Frankfurt there is an unusual entrance to the station the German underground - Bockenheimer Warte. Logged in as tearing through the bottom of the pavement of the old tram. The architect of this miracle,  was inspired by the surrealist painter Rene Magritte  in the design of the entrance. Hall was opened in 1986.

Interesting Post-it Art

Amazing Art

Shelter Dogs
August 16 in Moscow in honor of the Protection of Animals held a rally to raise funds for a nursery for stray dogs. Our reporter visited the event.

Majors on Machines
Recently found a group of young people by age similar to the students - but I will not say in a restaurant not far from Pattaya.

Amazing and Creative Curtain Bath

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California, USA 2011
Usually, people throwing trash affects on the environment. Mountains of debris are useless, besides spoiling not only the air, soil and water, but also causing damage to the aesthetic natural beauty. However, rarely, but still there are exceptions - garbage creates beauty.There is an interesting place - Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California, USA Surprisingly this place is its unusual beach. In the first half of XX century on the territory where this beach was a dump. In the 60 years of landfill was closed, and since garbage was left to himself. The mountains of broken glass, plastic and other debris were strewn and on the shore in the warm California rays lapped by the surf and sea breezes blown.

City of Toothpicks at the Price of 6 years of Life

Money and Advertising

Putin Against Obama
Cool comparison of photographs.Who is cooler?

Unique Garage and Exhibition Complex
There are car showrooms, exhibition centers, flea markets, parking services, car museums, and have a German Maylenverk - unique garage-exhibition complex, which is located under one roof, all of the habitats of four-wheel friends. A total of three such centers in Germany: Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Berlin. At last we set off today on a virtual tour.

celebrities who don't look their age
Are they 50 years old? celebrities who don't look their age. In honor of President Obama's 50th birthday, we take a look at famous people who don't look their age and ask the question: Are they fiftysomething?

Strange partners in the animal kingdom.

The Exhibition is not the Most Ordinary Beehives

International Festival of Lorraine Mondyal 2011
The new world record was set in Chambly-Byussiri in eastern France, when 343 balloons rose into the sky during the festival international Lorraine Mondyal. Balloons launched from the former air base of NATO, beating the previous record of 329 balloons, set at the same festival in 2009.

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