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Layout of Moscow
Recently, I managed to visit a very surprising place. In the house at 2nd Brest, 6 on the 3rd floor without touching any since 1986, resides Layout central Moscow on a scale of 1:500. About it, few people know of this there is never crowded.

Dear Construction Tools
These tools are not intended to apply. Because they are made of metal coins. Fun creative artist Stacy Webber.

Decorating a New Year Tree
 In the New Year's Eve every honest boom must ask myself - how I manifested their individuality in decorating a Christmas tree? In general - as well as some express themselves geeks - you can see a continuation of the post ... )

Creative Paper Sculpture
Very creative paper sculpture.

Stupid Wedding Cakes
Here is a selection from the tops of the funniest and wacky wedding cakes.

Creative Underwear
Bras and girdles of antlers and ammunition.

Incredible Sculpture
 Chris Cooksey  - famous American painter and sculptor, whose art belongs to the fantastic realism. He works in the technology mix of media, creating a grotesque collage and installation, telling that person lives in a cruel world in which he is only a small part of the huge Whole. The whole picture is created by first built by the author in his head, but in most of the artist can improvise and add some necessary details.As the material for his work Chris is using children's toys, toy soldiers, dolls, and various mechanisms. In his sculptures, many small details and everything is done with incredible meticulousness.

Chimps Love Gifts
Santa Claus made ​​a surprise chimpanzees from Lion Country Safari in Florida.He gave them gifts in bright colorful packaging.Inside, they could find goodies and toys.Apparently, a chimpanzee, this idea came to mind:)

Creative Coffins
This African artist loves his work and painstakingly hand-shape betrays a wooden coffin, and then paint the color of their necessary creative and beautiful coffins.

Weirdest Things Eaten By Human, We’ve all lost pens down the back of a sofa but one woman managed to misplace one for 25 years – after she swallowed it by accident.

Doomsday Clock To Begin Countdown, Time after time, doomsayers have predicted the breakdown of society on a date certain, stirring up a buzz that builds to a crescendo and ends in a crash when doomsday doesn’t come. 1844 brought the Great Disappointment, 1999 brought the Y2K alarm, 2011 brought the Rapture ruckus, and exactly a year from today, we’re due for the Maya apocalypse.

Man Drove Miles With Dead Wife

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Man Drove Miles With Dead Wife, Authorities say a British Columbia man drove about 225 miles after his 75-year-old wife died in the car next to him, uncertain whether he could cross the Canadian border with her.

Dad Facebook girl duct tape

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Dad Facebook girl duct tape, This is wut happens when my baby hits me back, A 21-year-old father from Chicago is being investigated after allegedly posting a disturbing photo of his daughter on Facebook.

Pen Stomach 25 Years Still Works, A 76-year-old British woman recently had a pen removed from her stomach, and doctors were shocked to discover that after 25 years of gestation the pen still works.

The 15 richest members of Congress
Mingling money and power
The 15 richest members of Congress - Recently, Roll Call analyzed the financial assets of U.S. lawmakers, contained in the most recent mandatory annual disclosures, to determine which members of Congress have the highest approximate net worth.Although these congressional disclosures are not exact -- they are displayed in a range of estimated value over broad categories -- Roll Call, a Capitol Hill news and information provider, analyzed the assets and liabilities of every U.S. representative and senator to come up with the 50 richest members of Congress. The 15 richest members are presented in the slides that follow.Because assets are listed over wide ranges, such as "between $5 million and $25 million," Roll Call calculated a minimum net worth to give an idea of the lowest possible value of real assets.

Extension Payroll Tax Cut Passes Senate, The Senate on Saturday approved a two-month extension of a payroll tax cut and a $1 trillion bill to fund the government, resolving the latest in a year-long series of tense political stand-offs but setting up fresh battles for 2012.

USPS 2011 Holiday Shipping Deadlines, USPS 2011 holiday shipping deadlines were released for Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah (Chanukah). For USPS service, Priority Mail, delivery, schedules, and hours of the United States Postal Service, this guide is all you need for holiday shipping.

Rodney Frelinghuysen + Net Worth $20.35 Million, Rodney Frelinghuysen, a Morris County Republican, is the 15th wealthiest member of Congress, with assets worth at least $20.35 million and no liabilities, the magazine said.

Cake Boss Next Great Baker, The TLC show, "Cake Boss" is full of change and challenge with the head torta dello chef Buddy Valastro at the helm. With a book, "Cake Boss: Stories and Recipes from Mia Famiglia," two spin off shows, "Next Great Baker" and "Kitchen Boss," the every day operation of a bakery and a new warehouse there does not seem to be any stopping Buddy and his crew of cake batter mavericks.

1.2 Million Christmas Lights
Zlatko Salai, 67-year-old Croatian citizen Grabovnits, has created a real Christmas story for yourself and all children in the district. His Christmas Story is his home, which this year is already decorated with 1.2 million lights.

Major Celeb Expensive Divorces
Major Celeb Expensive Divorces, Breaking up is hard to do, especially when it involves splitting obscenely large amounts of money. Check out the celebri-couples who endured some of the costliest divorces on record.

Unusual Calendar for 2012
The unusual calendar for 2012 produced Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Ehrlich. Together they created the project "The same people" bring to your attention to the calendar.

Clever FlashCards
Even if all the design work on the body design creative usb flash drive, this field continues to be nepahannym. Flash drive can be anything you want, but at the same time helping to guide designers can be divided into two parts: simply cool the body and those who enter into a witty interaction with computers.

Crazy 911 Calls 2011

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Crazy 911 Calls 2011, From dissatisfied customers to out-of-control celebrities to lost families, it was a banner year for emergency dispatchers across the country. We’re taking a look back at some of the craziest 911 calls of 2011.

Conjoined Twins Separated Chile, Hour stretching past hour, Jessica Navarrete and her husband kept an anxious vigil early Wednesday while doctors tried to separate their conjoined twin daughters.

LCAC Landing Boat U S A.
 LCAC - assault boat landings USA.Frightening and very powerful machine.This hovercraft can carry water and land battle tank,five loaded SUVs or full battery of six howitzers with the calculations and loaded trucks.

FB Aims to Prevent Suicides

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FB Aims to Prevent Suicides

FB Aims to Prevent Suicides, National Suicide Prevention Hotline, A new Facebook program aims to prevent suicides by connecting distressed users with counselors via chat.

Predator Drones Civilian Arrests, North Dakota Police Use Predator Drone To Catch Cow Thieves, A Predator Drone, the same aerial vehicle used by the CIA to track down and assassinate terrorists and militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan, was used to hunt down the Brossarts, a North Dakota family who allegedly wouldn't give back three cows and their calves that wandered onto their 3,000-acre farm this summer.

Michael Jackson Hair Roulette Ball $10,871, Gambling Site Buys Jackson's Hair, Uses it to Make Roulette Ball. The ball "will be eligible for use at any licensed casino's roulette table," the site said.

Michael Jackson $310 Million Estate- King of Pop Michael Jackson has raked in more than $300 million since the singer's shocking death in June 2009. According to TMZ, legal documents released on Thursday reveal that executors of MJ's estate have managed to make a major dent in the more than $400 million in debt that Jackson owed at the time of his death.

Jeter's Parting Baseballs, It's no secret that Derek Jeter is a playboy. When you play shortstop for the New York Yankees and you're a living legend in the Big Apple, getting girls—lots and lots of girls—sort of just comes with the territory. But you don't often hear stories from the chicks that Jeter has smashed in the past.

Shoplifter Hatchet Attack Ear

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Shoplifter Hatchet Attack Ear, Washington state police say that a shoplifter with a hatchet sliced off most of a store security guard’s ear.

Baby Rare Swine Flu Strain

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Baby Rare Swine Flu Strain, h1n2 infant, A Minnesota baby with a mild case of the flu has attracted national attention after officials discovered the child had a rare strain of virus that normally affects pigs, not people.

Elizabeth Taylor Collection on Display
Elizabeth Taylor's stunning jewelry collection is hitting the auction block this week, with sales expected to reach $30 million.

Julia, I love you ....
Went out to smoke on the balcony and saw people in the yard, and as if the candles on the ground a piece, took 300ku ... like a candle! Looked and looked and did not understand what is going on there! Curiosity overcame laziness:) He dressed and went ... and am very pleased that went ..

Man Faked Mom's Obituary

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Man Faked Mom's Obituary, Authorities in northwestern Pennsylvania say a man published an obituary for his living mother in a ploy to get paid bereavement time off from work.

Gift ideas from across the U.S. Buying American is easy to do this holiday season, with a diverse array of regional gifts available from sea to shining sea. From the kitschy to the sophisticated, the possibilities are endless.

Lady Gaga Fear of Dying Like Diana, Pop superstar Lady Gaga has a fear that she will die like Princess Diana.

Miss India detained at airport

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Miss India detained at airport, Mumbai: Miss India Earth 2011 Hasleen Kaur was detained at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Wednesday night for allegedly carrying branded purses and cosmetics worth Rs. 1.9 lakh without declaring them.

Mentos Coke Car Distance Record, As motorsports go it's a long way from catching up with
Formula 1. But the inventors known for making a vehicle with soda-and-candy-powered propulsion say they've set a new distance record.

Brooke Mueller carrying gun in L.A. Brooke Mueller was spotted yesterday by TMZ waving a handgun about in Los Angeles.

Just a few days after being arrested on charges of cocaine possession and assault, Mueller rocked up to a local gun range with her firearm. Nice job, Second Amendment.

Chewbacca in 'Glee' episode, Star Wars' Chewbacca is to star in Glee's Christmas special, to be aired later this month.

Matthew Morrison, who plays teacher Will Schuester in the show, has directed the one-off which features a cameo from the character.

Funny Fruits and Vegetables
One has only to banana and tomato pririsovat eyes, as immediately look at it differently:)

Man killed wife who killed son

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Man killed wife who killed son
Man killed wife who killed son, Man sentenced for killing wife who killed son. NH man sentenced in mentally ill wife's death, A New Hampshire man was sentenced Friday to 15 to 30 years in prison for beating his mentally ill wife to death with a flashlight after he came home to find she had strangled their 4-year-old son with a ribbon and tried to kill their 7-year-old daughter.

Mount Tahoma High School

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Mount Tahoma High School, A quick-thinking and alert high school student in Washington state is being hailed as a hero this week after he jumped into action to wake a school bus driver who appeared drowsy and was driving erratically.

Teen Wakes Sleepy Bus Driver

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Teen Wakes Sleepy Bus Driver, Teen bus driver, A quick-thinking 17-year-old jumped up and grasped the hand of a school bus driver just as he started nodding off at the wheel. Emmanuel Williams said the unnamed driver, an eight-year veteran now on leave, had been driving erratically since he picked up students.There’s one key rule to being a passenger … always keep an eye on the driver!

Woman accused of cooking meth at Wal-Mart, Meth Wal-Mart, A woman, just out of jail this week on drug complaints, is arrested for allegedly making methamphetamine inside a Tulsa Walmart.

Jay-Z Sounds Off on Taxes, Music mogul Jay-Z talked about taxes. The hip-hop artist also said he supports the Occupy movement.Jay-Z has quoted Notorious B.I.G.’s lyrics several times in his music, weaving his rhymes into his own verses. In an interview with Roc4Life, Hov explains that his quoting B.I.G. is to keep his name alive and inspire his raps.

Jay-Z Obama Can Tax Me, Shawn Carter the winner of multiple Grammy Awards who is better known by his stage name said in an interview Friday that he personally isn’t bothered by the idea of paying more taxes.

Dr. Phil Vasectomy

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Dr. Phil Vasectomy, Early on in his marriage, Dr. Phil McGraw did something he regretted: he got a vasectomy.

Amazing Christmas Tree Plastic Bottle
40 000 plastic bottles out of the drink Sprite, needed to make a Christmas tree in the center of Kaunas, Lithuania.The project's author Yolanda Shmidtiene  says that she wanted to show how important it is to make diversity in each year. Any of us can make something beautiful out of useless things. The main idea is to save trees and nature.

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