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Major Celeb Expensive Divorces
Major Celeb Expensive Divorces, Breaking up is hard to do, especially when it involves splitting obscenely large amounts of money. Check out the celebri-couples who endured some of the costliest divorces on record.
Tiger Wood's affairs cost him eight figures in his divorce from Elin Nordegren, but can you believe that it's not even in the top three all-time most expensive splits? tiger woods divorce $100 million,
It's not always the guy writing the check, of course; Madonna learned that the hard way when she split from her director hubby, Guy Ritchie. madonna divorce $90 million, sean penn scarlett johansson,
Take Arnold and Maria. If they do say, "Hasta la vista, baby," then his bank account will be taking a serious blow. arnold schwarzenegger divorce $200 million, Arnold Schwarzenegger groping Gropenfuhrer,
As the scriptwriter of "E.T.," Melissa Mathison made bank, but she still took away a tidy sum when she divorced Harrison Ford in 2004. harrison ford divorce $118 million, harrison ford carrie fisher affair,
Given that he's already going through another nasty split, it's hard to believe that Mel Gibson's divorce from his wife, Robyn, may not yet even be finalized. The projected numbers, however, are staggering. mel gibson dui divorce $500 million,
Technically, Jerry Hall should have gotten more out of her divorce from Mick Jagger, but then she learned the marriage was ceremonial and not official. Whoops! Mick Jagger divorce $15-25 million, Jerry Hall left Bryan Ferry for Jagger,
Ouch. Love don't cost a thing, but Jennifer Lopez's short-lived marriage to Cris Judd sure did. Jennifer Lopez Cris Judd divorce $15 million, jennifer lopez divorce settlement, +cris judd jennifer lopez backup dancer,
Linda Bollea filed for divorce from her husband of 24 years, Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea, in 2007, but it wasn't until 2011 that a settlement was reached. Let's just say that while Hulk Hogan could hold his own in a wrestling ring, his wife proved a fiercer fighter in the courtroom. hulk hogan divorce settlement $7.445 million,
Janet Jackson may have secretly married Rene Elizondo, but it's no secret today that she ended up paying big when he filed for divorce. Janet Jackson Rene Elizondo divorce $10 million,
Marcia Murphey was married to Neil Diamond through the most profitable years of his career, so he was singing the blues when he agreed to the divorce settlement. Neil Diamond divorce $150 million, neil diamond Jayne "Posey" Posner,
Even after Diandra Luker divorced Michael Douglas in 2000, the two kept fighting over money up to the release of his 2010 film "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." Michael Douglas divorce $45 million,
Actress Amy Irving famously scored a hefty chunk of ex-husband Steven Spielberg's money when a judge ruled that their pre-nup was invalid. Steven Spielberg divorce $100 million, amy irving relationship willie nelson steven spielberg,
Paul McCartney's short-lived marriage to Heather Mills ended with a hefty payoff, but that's just pocket change to a former Beatle, right? paul mccartney divorce $48.6 million, asher mccartney schwartz,
This Chicago Bull truly got the horns. If you don't count Rupert Murdoch as a celeb, then it's Michael Jordan who endured the most expensive divorce. michael jordan divorce 168 million, michael jordan Karla Knafel lawsuit,
Cindy Silva made a wise financial decision when she divorced Kevin Costner after hits like "Bull Durham" but before bombs like "Waterworld." Kevin Costner divorce $80 million, costner hula dancer waterworld,
A royal title doesn't preclude you from going through the same divorce drama as everyone else. But how did it affect Prince Charles and Princess Di? Prince Charles divorce $28 million, charles camilla Squidgygate tapes,
Kenny Rogers's divorce from his wife Marianne proved you've got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them and know when to pay off an angry ex-wife. kenny rogers divorce $60 million, kenny rogers married five times,
Nope, that's not Ted Danson's ex-wife, Casey Coats. It's Whoopi Goldberg, whose affair with Danson broke up his marriage and cost Danson some serious scratch. Ted Danson divorce $30 million, ted danson friar's club roast,
Lionel Richie became significantly less rich when his wife split from him in 2004. While Diane Alexander kept the money, she didn't keep his name. Lionel Richie divorce $20 million, Brenda allegedly discovered Lionel and Alexander,
Phil and Jill Collins sound like they go together, but the marriage didn't last. It did, however, produce actress Lily Collins. Phil Collins divorce $40 million, Andrea Bertorelli house painter decorator,
Pro-golfer Greg Norman shared his victory trophy with his wife Laura in 1986. When they split 20 years later, Norman wasn't so glad to share his fortune. greg norman divorce $103 million, Greg Norman Chris Evert marriage 15 months
Donald Trump's divorce from Ivana set the standard for high-stakes splits back in 1992, but compared to others on this list, the former Mrs. Trump got a small sum. Donald Trump divorce $20 million plus a $14 million estate, Melania Knauss trump 24 years,
Linda Hamilton married James Cameron in 1997, the exact year he hit it big with "Titanic." Just two years later, she walked away with a good portion of his fortune. James Cameron divorce $50 million, james cameron married five times,
Exactly how much do you have to pay your ex in order to hold the record for the most expensive divorce ever? Ask Fox NewsCorp Chairman Rupert Murdoch and his former wife Anna. rupert murdoch divorce $1.7 billion, rupert murdoch deng wendi seventeen days,

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