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Crazy 911 Calls 2011

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Crazy 911 Calls 2011, From dissatisfied customers to out-of-control celebrities to lost families, it was a banner year for emergency dispatchers across the country. We’re taking a look back at some of the craziest 911 calls of 2011.

Woman calls 911 to get boyfriend to propose, A spurned girlfriend faked an emergency so police would show up to talk to her boyfriend – who was trying to break up with her. Ana Perez charged with disorderly conduct,
Boy calls 911 to report dad to Santa, A four-year-old boy used 911 to tattle on his “very bad” father.

Charlie Sheen 911 call, The former “Two and a Half Men” star was deep into his “winning” phase when a neighbor called 911 to report that Sheen was in severe pain after a reported 36-hour bender. charlie sheen hernia,

Robert Michelson 911 call, A 21-year-old “horticulturalist” (see a photo) quizzed a 911 dispatcher about how much trouble he could be in for “nurturing” his hobby. robert michelson arrested for growing pot,

Intruder calls 911 from shower, A burglar (see his mug shot) ended up calling the cops on himself when the homeowners returned unexpectedly. intruder calls 911 from shower,

Man calls 911 from jail, An unhappy prisoner (see his mug shot) somehow managed to call 911 to complain about his treatment. joseph walsh hogtied, man calls 911 from jail,

Man Calls 911 from Jail by wendyista

Man complains about wrong change in crack deal, A drug buyer (see his mug shot) brazenly called 911 to report that his dealer had given him back the wrong change. dexter white $40 change,
Woman calls 911 over Chinese food, An irate woman had to be reminded by police that her situation did not merit a 911 call. woman calls 911 over chinese food,

Ahmed Hasnain called police, A 26-year-old man (see his mug shot) called police when he ended up with more than he bargained for. Ahmed Hasnain wanted refund,
Drunk man calls 911 over Taco Bell, An apparently intoxicated man (see his mug shot) said he was trying to avoid driving drunk when he tried to order from a fast-food drive-through without a car. terry kimball charged with 911 misuse,
Family gets lost in corn maze, A panicked mom called 911 after she and her husband along with their two small children ­­- one a three-week-old baby – got lost enjoying a popular fall pastime. family lost in corn maze,

Woman calls 911 to avoid arrest, A woman hoping to avoid arrest phoned in a fake robbery after she and a friend were pulled over by police. Janora Carter charged with fictitious report,
Man calls 911 when stolen boat runs out of gas, An aspiring sailor called 911 after the boat he was using ran out of gas about a mile offshore. man calls 911 on stolen boat,
Man calls 911 for iPhone emergency, A frustrated iPhone user got a visit from police after he called 911 five times to complain about his broken smartphone. Michael Alan Skopec charged with resisting a peace officer,

Man calls 911 after he's tazed and pot stolen, An apparent drug dealer called the cops after he said he was tazed and robbed during a transaction. Man calls 911 after he's tazed and pot stolen,
Man calls 911 to say he’s drunk driving, A 21-year-old man called 911 – instead of a sober friend – when he realized he was driving drunk. Cody Schwoch charged with OWI,
Everett woman calls 911 after she locks herself in car, An admittedly tipsy woman phoned 911 when she got stuck in an unlikely place. everett woman locks herself inside car,
Kids call 911 for Santa, Two children decided to kick off their Christmas season by calling 911.
Man calls 911 after being shot robbing store, A man’s attempted grocery store robbery ended with him calling 911 from some bushes.

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