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The Best Pictures Times in 2011
Convey the mood, status, thoughts of a man in one shot - it's incredibly hard work. But photographers "Times" made ​​it. Here is the selection of the best portraits in the opinion of most of the magazine.
First Tilda Suinton, aktrisa.
2. Bono, the musician and activist.
3. Steven Spielberg, the director.
4. Jade, a transsexual, a 9-klassnitsa.
5. George Clooney, actor.
6. Rick Perry, Texas governor and presidential candidate.
7. William MakRayen, the command of U.S. Special Operations Forces.
8. Jim Riches, a former head of the fire department in New York.
9. Dick Cheney, former U.S. vice-president.
10. Cindy Sheehan, the antiwar activist and mother who died in Iraq in 2004, Casey Sheehan soldier.
11th Vera Farmiga, aktrisa.
12th Viola Davis, aktrisa.
13th Uolles Soun, actor.
14. Henry Kissinger, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States.
15. Kristen Uiig, actress and comedian.
16. Jack White, a musician.
17. Patty Smith, a musician and poet.
18th Haley Stejnfild, aktrisa.
19. Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth and.
20th Annet Benning, aktrisa.
21st Tilda Suinton, aktrisa.
22. Aung San Suu Kyi, General Secretary of the National League of Democracy in Burma.

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