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Collection of the most unusual, innovative, and creative stool designs.

Nook Stool

Modern stool created by award winning designer Patrick Frey.

Spring Stool

Flexible stool with restless legs designed by Carolien Laro.

Cactus Stool

Unique cactus inspired stool with soft imitation leather finish.

Butterfly Stool

Stylish stool designed by famous Japanese designer Sori Yanagi.

Puzzle Stool

Eight Stool

Elegant bar stool concept inspired by the shape of the number 8.

LumBar Stool

Bar stool inspired by alien landscapes of eroded rock formations.

Head Stool

New Head of David stool inspired by Michelangelo’s sculpture.

AP Stool

Shin Azumi’s modern stool created from a single sheet of plywood.

Rubber Stool

Stool made out of rubber by Japanese design studio h220430.

Rocking Stool

Cool stool by Yiannis Ghikas allows you to rock in any direction.

Chopstick Stool

Unique stool made of six vertically stacked bamboo steamers.

Gaudi Stool

Futuristic stool created by Dutch designer Bram Geenen.


Creative stool designed by Ramon Ubeda and Otto Canalda.

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