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Fans of Gundam, Japan’s 60-foot-tall hero to millions of sci-fi animation, have had to come to grips with an imposter basking in stolen sunlight at China’s Floraland Park in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Like Gundam, the Chinese bogus bot bears the logos EFSF and WB on its shoulders that signify “Earth Federation Space Force,” which controls space colonies, and “White Base,” which is the battle bot’s mother ship.

Fans of the “Mobile Suit Gundam” became aware of the copycat bot after a television report revealed its presence. Up in arms, they emerged victorious after banishing the rival from the park.

“The design is completely original, but the park is remodeling it because some people said it looked like Gundam,” attempted a park spokesman.

Later officials at the Chinese theme park, perhaps at a loss as to what to say or do, did the mature thing and denied the existence of the statue. The next day, the statue (the one that didn’t exist) was removed from the premises.

Chat rooms abounded with outrage from fans, one of whom suggested that the bot should have been named “Gansaku” which is Japanese for counterfeit.

The Gundam anime series, first aired in Japan in 1979, and its spin-offs, have won millions of die-hard fans in many countries throughout the world, including China.

Gundam is known for its many powers, but for this potential up and coming copyright battle, a lawyer is needed and not a space force.

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