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Steve Nash ex-wife

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Steve Nash ex-wife, Nothing sends a warm tingle down the back of the spine like a finger-pointing legal battle between wealthy divorcees now, does it If for some reason you felt like your life was lacking the icy tang of baby-mama drama this week, relief is on its way. Steve Nash has found himself locked in a legal battle with his ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla, who claims the Lakers guard is trying to block her from moving to Los Angeles to avoid paying child support.
According to TMZ, Amarilla has filed court documents alleging that Nash is trying to block her from relocating her and their children from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California.

Allegedly, Nash has asked her not to make the move because he believes he might be traded from the Lakers or have to retire from the game. Amarilla says this isn’t the case, and that the ballplayer is trying to avoid paying out for the huge child support settlement that could be imposed on him under California state law.

Nash’s ex-wife alleges that, under their current arrangement, Arizona state law doesn’t require him to pay a dime—something which Nash has taken advantage of, Amarilla says.

It’s a strange situation, considering Nash cited his need to be near his kids as his biggest factor for joining the Lakers in the first place. He made that plain and clear, stating they were the “No. 1 reason” he chose to move to Los Angeles instead of joining the Knicks in 2012.

A judge has issued a restraining order on Amarilla, which disallows her from moving west until they've been to trial.

We’ll see how this plays out. Surely it will end in a big group hug and a trip to the Cheesecake Factory? Supervised by legal counsel, of course.

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