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2012 April product recalls

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2012 April product recalls
2012 April product recalls, Consumers saw everything from dog food to almonds to grass trimmers recalled this month. Keep reading to see what other products were pulled from store shelves in April. husqvarna trimmers recalled, diamond naturals pet food salmonella recall, fisher almonds recall,

  April 2012 food recalls, Dole Fresh Vegetables recalled several hundred cases of its Seven Lettuces salad  due to possible contamination. dole salad recall + 756 cases, dole salad recall + 71430 01057,

Additional recalls:

Approximately 16,890 pounds of Stouffer’s Lasagna (stouffer's lasagna italiano + 7991). stouffer's lasagna italiano + stuffed peppers recall,
Three kinds of M.E. Thompson sandwiches due to possible contamination. m.e. thompson sandwiches + listeria,
Uncoded, 10.6-ounce containers of Peacock Brand preserved apricots due to an undeclared allergen. peacock apricots recall + sulfites,
Approximately 205 2-ounce bags of Premium Kansas City Style Barbeque almonds due to an undeclared ingredient. harry & david barbeque almonds recall + undeclared peanuts,
Mission Foods taco dinner kits sold at grocery stores across the country. What is the problem? mission foods taco dinner undeclared milk,
Full Circle Concierge Snack Nut Blend (full circle nut blend lunds stores and weis markets) due to undeclared ingredients. full circle nut blend soy & milk,
Several kinds of Mastihashop Brand pies, pastas and breads because of undeclared allergens. mastihashop + undeclared allergens,
Two flavors (fisher vanilla bean and cocoa mocha almonds) of Fisher Almonds sold in 10-ounce containers. fisher almonds recall + undeclared soy,
Several flavors of Knott’s Berry Farm shortbread cookies due to an undeclared allergen. knott's berry farm cookies recall undeclared milk,
Approximately 3,000 cases of Planters cocktail peanuts (planters cocktail peanuts + 2900007212). What was discovered? Planters cocktail peanuts exposed to water not intended for use in food,
Rajbhog Foods’ frozen vegetable biryani because it contains an undeclared ingredient. vegetable biryani recall + cashews,
Packages of Food Lion taco dinners (food lion taco dinner recall + 3582605118). food lion taco dinner recall + undeclared milk,
Boxes of Glazers Donuts because of an undeclared ingredient. glazers donuts recall + egg,
Several kinds of Crispy cookies and rusk (what’s that?) sold in several states. What’s the problem? crispy brand recall + milk and almonds,
One lot (Los Olivos Pan de Torta recall + 50912) of 16-ounce packages of Los Olivos Pan de Torta bread. Los Olivos Pan de Torta recall + undeclared milk,
Kypoyka Bisquits (Kypoyka Bisquits sold in new york and florida) due to an undeclared ingredient. Kypoyka Bisquits + undeclared eggs,
Bottles of Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster beverage.Do you know what happened? odwalla chocolate protein monster allergic reactions,
Star Light coconut candy (star light coconut candy sold in new york and ohio) due to an undeclared ingredient. star light coconut candy undeclared milk,
  April 2012 children’s gear recalls, Todson Inc. recalled about 40,000 bicycle child carrier seats after two reports of injuries to children. todson child carrier seats + near amputation, todson + child's fingertips can be caught in the hinge mechanism,
About 16,700 Nan Far Woodworking’s Rockland Furniture drop-side cribs due to possible hazards. nan far woodworking cribs recalled, nan far woodworking cribs drop sides can malfunction,
 April 2012 children’s clothing and toy recalls, Happy Shirts recalled about 9,000 Big Movers Super Car toy trucks after reports of fires. They were gifts with purchase of Big Movers T-shirts. Big Movers Super Car toy trucks,
 April 2012 pharmaceutical recalls, American Regent recalled three lots (american regent + 1662 + 1679 + 1683) of its Cyanocobalamin injection due to possible sterility issues. What could go wrong? american regent cracks can form in heel and sides of vials,
One lot (hospira morphine + 10830LL) of Hospira morphine sulfate injection. Do you know why? hospira morphine + customer report of two Carpujects syringes containing more than 1 mL,
 April 2012 meat recalls, Moon Marine USA recalled 58,828 pounds of its frozen raw yellowfin tuna after it was linked to a salmonella outbreak across several states. How many illnesses have been reported? moon marine tuna recall 116 people,

Additional recalls:

Approximately 2,057 pounds (town & country beef recall + 9710) of Town & Country ground and tenderized beef products. town & country beef recall + e. coli,
About 50,820 pounds of Steamed BBQ Flavored Pork Buns (steamed pork buns + 34064) due to an undeclared ingredient. steamed pork buns recall + msg,
About 5,400 pounds of Al Baghdadi potato chops due to labeling issues. al baghdadi potato chops misbranding, Where were they sold? al baghdadi potato chops + Arizona, Illinois and Michigan,
Several kinds of Import Foods’ smoked fish due to possible contamination. import foods smoked fish recall, import foods smoked fish recall + uneviscerated,
 April 2012 electrical recalls, Viking Range recalled about 2,000 dishwashers after several reports of fires. viking range dishwasher recall, What can go wrong? viking dishwasher electrical component can overheat,
About 19,500 grass trimmers and 6,500 hedge trimmers (see a photo) made by Husqvarna. Husqvarna trimmer recall + fire hazard,
 April 2012 vehicle recalls, Club Car recalled about 100 of its utility and transport vehicles due to problems with the brake pedals. Club Car brake pedal mounting blocks can crack and separate,

Additional recalls:

About 4,300 Baja Motorsports dirt bikes (see a photo). do you know why? Baja Motorsports dirt bikes + fuel tank can leak,
About 60 model years 2010-2011 Rolls Royce Ghosts due to circuit board issues. rolls royce ghost circuit board recall,
Approximately 2,800 model years 2011-2012 BMW cars. bmw circuit board recall
About 3,300 2010 Can-Am Spyder roadsters due to brake pedal problems. 2010 Can-Am Spyder brake recall,
About 672 model year 2012 Toyota Tacoma trucks. 2012 toyota tacoma recall tire placards,
Nearly 50 model years 2009-2010 Mobility Conquest trike motorcycles due to brake line issues. 2009 2010 mobility conquest trike brake line recall,
About 50,000 model years 2011-2012 GM crossover vehicles (gm crossover recall) due to problems with the windshield wipers. do you know what can happen? gm recall + snow or ice build up on windshield,
Volkswagen recalled 15 of its 2012 Routan minivans. 2012 Routan rear hub recall,
About 150 model year 2012 Volkswagen Passats due to diesel fuel filter issues. 2012 volkswagen passat diesel fuel filter recall,
More than 140,000 2012 Ford Focus sedans due to faulty windshield wipers. 2012 ford focus windshield wiper recall,
Nearly 2,000 model year 2012 Jeep Compass and Patriot SUVs because of possible fire hazard. 2012 jeep patriot and compass fuel leak recall,
Almost 300 model year 2012 Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Caravan minivans. 2012 chrysler town & country, 2012 Dodge Caravan, 2012 town & country and Dodge Caravan rear suspension recall,

April 2012 consumer product recalls, Office Depot recalled more than 300,000 Biella leather desk chairs because they can pose a fall hazard to consumers. office depot desk chair seat plate to the gas lift can fail, office depot desk chair recall + minor contusions and abrasions,

Additional recalls:

About 100 Air Venturi Evanix Speed and Conquest air rifles due to safety switch issues. air venturi evanix air rifles safety switch recall
Approximately 600 Specialized Bicycle Components bike brake levers. specialized bicycle components recall + crash hazard,
About 17,000 SR Suntour suspension forks found on GT, Giant and Trek bicycles. Do you know what could go wrong? SR Suntour internal support tubes can break,
Approximately 4,100 model year 2010-2012 Public Bikes bicycles after reports of cracking pedals. public bikes pedal recall, public bikes recall no injuries,
More than 10,000 West Elm folding chairs due to reports of collapsing chairs. west elm folding chairs fall hazard recall,
Approximately 300 Enesco “Any Wine Will Do” ceramic wine goblets. Do you know why? wine goblets may exceed FDA guidance levels for leachable lead and cadmium,
Five lots of Kaytee Exact Hand Feeding Baby Bird and Baby Macaw Formula. What is the problem? kaytee baby bird formula recall + high levels of vitamin D,
Several sizes of Diamond Naturals lamb and rice dry dog food bags due to possible contamination. diamond naturals pet food salmonella recall,

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