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Kim Kardashian reveals plan to run for mayor

Kim Kardashian reveals plan to run for mayor, Kim Kardashian Wants to be Mayor of Glendale, California, The reality TV star has a strategy for winning elected office in one special city. If Kim Kardashian has her way, she may be addressed as Mayor Kardashian one day. In a bonus clip from the "Khloé and Lamar" show Sunday, the two sisters are filmed driving around in Dallas -- and pass by the Ross Perot Museum.

This prompts Kim to say, “That guy ran for president.” And that she is going to run for mayor of Glendale in “like, five years.” Kim explains she is looking into the requirements, such as residency: "I have to a buy a house there."

The reality TV star is even thinking strategy with her friend Noelle Keshishian, who will help with her campaign. Why Glendale? “Because it’s like Armenia town.” Kim has done her research: Of the town’s population of about 200,000, one-quarter is Armenian -- the largest population outside of Armenia.

Khloé pipes in that she’s going to be mayor of Dallas, so maybe there’s a new political dynasty coming our way.

Not to be killjoys, but according to the city of Glendale’s website, the government operates on a "council-manager" system: Five council members are selected to serve four-year terms, and each year the council selects one member to serve as mayor.

The good news: the mayor oversees council meetings and ceremonial responsibilities. (Ribbon cuttings! Parades!) That has Kim’s name written all over it.

Mayor Kim -- now there's a reality show we’d watch.

via: yahoo

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