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Surprising Celebrity Ages
Surprising Celebrity Ages
surprising celebrity ages, The '80s-action-star-filled cast of "The Expendables" has reunited for a sequel hitting theaters this month. The franchise's seemingly age-defying stars and some other famous folks had us exclaiming, "They're how old?!"

Halle Berry – age
46 years · born August 14, 1966

The Academy Award winner, mom to a 4-year-old and recently engaged actress doesn’t seem to have aged at all since her beauty pageant days, Halle Berry Olivier Martinez engaged,
Carla Bruni – age
44 years · born December 23, 1967

The model/actress/singer was linked to several famous men – including a rock legend and a popular star of French films – before settling down with the former president of France.
Johnny Depp – age
49 years · born June 9, 1963

The perennially young-looking Oscar nominee made his acting debut in a 1984 horror film and became a teen heartthrob as the star of a late-’80s detective series.
Grant Hill – age
39 years · born October 5, 1972

The longtime NBA player (when was he drafted? 1994 NBA Draft), who now plays for this Los Angeles clippers California team, is the second-oldest player in the NBA.
Frank Lautenberg – age
88 years · born January 23, 1924

The five-term Democrat (from state New Jersey, United States) was first elected in 1982 and is the oldest current U.S. senator.
Nigella Lawson – age
52 years · born January 6, 1960

The former journalist turned celebrity chef attributes her youthful appearance to a few extra pounds. Nigella Lawson would age 10 years
Lindsay Lohan – age
26 years · born July 2, 1986

She was a fresh-faced child actress when she starred as twins in a 1998 Disney remake, but years of hard living and several brushes with the law have left their impact on the troubled star.
Paul McCartney – age
70 years · born June 18, 1942

The ex-Beatle – who received a minuscule salary Paul Mccartney $1.57 for his Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony performance – is now older than the age referenced of one of his former band’s most popular songs.
Cory Monteith – age
30 years · born May 11, 1982

The Canadian actor starred in several movies — and even did a stint in rehab – before landing the role as high school student Finn Hudson on a popular TV show. Cory Monteith Rehab
Barack Obama – age
51 years · born August 4, 1961

Our first African-American president was president of the law review at his Ivy League school in the late 1980s and became a state senator at the relatively young age of 35.
Nancy Pelosi – age
72 years · born March 26, 1940

The U.S. representative (from state California, United States) has served in Congress since 1987 and is old enough to have attended the inauguration of this president.
Nicole Polizzi – age
24 years · born November 23, 1987

The outspoken “Jersey Shore” star – who looks years younger sans makeup – has made headlines with her drunken antics and her pregnancy (who’s the daddy? Jionni LaValle).
Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom – age
86 years · born April 21, 1926

The longtime monarch has had a busy 2012 – from celebrating her Diamond Jubilee to playing a hilarious part in the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony. Queen Elizabeth II James Bond,
Mitt Romney – age
65 years · born March 12, 1947

The Republican presidential candidate first ran for public office in 1994, led the Winter Olympics for this city and became governor of this state in 2003.
Sylvester Stallone – age
66 years · born July 6, 1946

The co-writer of both “Expendables” movies is married to an ex-model who happens to be 23 years younger than him.
Martha Stewart – age
71 years · born August 3, 1941

The business icon, who didn’t let a brief prison stint slow her down, has been giving out lifestyle advice since the release of her first book in 1982. Martha Stewart prison sentence, Martha Stewart entertaining book 1982
Jennifer Tilly – age
53 years · born September 16, 1958

The voluptuous actress (Her real name Jennifer Elizabeth Chan) was an Oscar nominee before starring in a cult horror franchise and becoming a poker champion.
Jean-Claude Van Damme – age
51 years · born October 18, 1960

The ’80s action star is another “Expendables 2″ cast member whose age you might find surprising.
Barbara Walters – age
82 years · born September 25, 1929

The ubiquitous TV host has been working long enough to interview everyone from Anwar Sadat to Michael Jackson to the Kardashians.
Bruce Willis – age
57 years · born March 19, 1955

Yet another of the “old-guard” stars of “The Expendables” franchise, the actor is married to a much younger wife and has four daughters ranging in age from 4 months to 23 years old.

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