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iPhone 5 Photos Ubreakifix

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iPhone 5 Photos Ubreakifix
iPhone 5 Photos Ubreakifix - iphone 5 photos leaked ubreakifix, September 21 iPhone 5 release, Buzz around the iPhone 5 continues to build as the new smartphone’s expected release date approaches. Last weekend the latest in a seemingly endless series of leaked photos of Apple’s mysterious new device appeared online, offering an close-up view of the iPhone 5.
The leaked pictures, which first appeared at UBreakiFix before being scooped up by MacRumors and then spreading across the internet, show he front of what is allegedly the iPhone 5. In their post MacRumors noted that the photos came from one of UBreakIFix’s distributors, and are pretty similar to previously leaked iPhone 5 pictures. September 21 iPhone 5 release,

“The parts don’t appear to be particularly revealing,” they wrote. “We’ve seen similar components before with the exception of a close look at the new iPhone’s LCD screen.”

The leaked iPhone 5 picture confirms rumors that Apple’s new smartphone will feature a taller screen, estimated at 4-inches up from 3.5. The iPhone 5 is not expected to be an wider, creating a longer screen that will allow a 5th row of icons on the iPhone 5 home-screen and allow more information to be displayed on-screen at once. iphone 5 mini connector picture cable,

Apple has remained consistently tight-lipped regarding the iPhone 5, refusing to comment on the many rumored new features and design upgrades. The company has yet to even confirm the new smartphone’s official name of admit that it exists and is in product. In all likelihood Apple won’t mention the iPhone 5 in public until CEO Tim Cook unveils it at a special event. Apple’s special event is expected to take place on September 12, according to a rumor first sparked by iMore’s editor-in-chief and quickly confirmed by a number of newspaper including the NYTimes, Reuters and Bloomberg Business.

But thanks to a number of leaked pictures we have a good idea of which new features and design upgrades to expect from the iPhone 5.

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