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Agatti Island
Agatti - a small island atoll, covering a length of about seven kilometers with a population of about 7,000 people. On all sides it is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs. Here is the only Lakkadivah airport. On the other islands from here can be easily reached by boat or helicopter. The island has only one hotel with 20 seats - Agatti Island Beach Resort . The main tourist entertainment at Agatti - diving, for which all conditions. In addition, the island is one of the largest centers of tuna fisheries in Lakshadweep, and other fish caught in coastal waters is very good. Alcohol is prohibited at Agatti.

Official name: Agatti Island / Agatti island /

Total area: 2.7 square kilometers.

All major attractions and entertainment at Agatti in some way connected with the submarine and sea sports in general. Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, glass bottom boats, pleasure yachts - all this can be easily organized. One of the main occupations of local residents is fishing for tuna fishing enthusiasts may be interested. In addition, the village has several mosques, which are open to the public, if dressed properly.
Agatti - the only airport Laccadives islands, so to get here is very simple. In addition to flights, a ferry to the mainland and neighboring islands.

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