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Shocked soccer goalie scores on himself

Shocked soccer goalie scores on himself, Keeper takes a goal kick into the wind, scores insane own goal, A strong breeze leads to an unbelievable mistake that one player will probably never live down. The wind can be a goalkeeper's best friend. Just ask Tim Howard, who put his name on the scoresheet with a 100-yard effort earlier this year. But unfortunately for Maccabi Haifa shot stopper Assaf Mendes, a strong breeze can also make you look like a chump.

In a friendly match against Dynamo Kiev earlier Wednesday, Mendes took a goal kick into a blast of wind so strong that the ball ended up in the onion bag behind him. It's eerily similar to this gusty effort from a few years ago.

Apparently, the gale blew so fiercely later in the game that there was a delay when one of the goals started floating away. When the weather starts getting Biblical like that, it's probably time for the referee to call it a day.

via: yahoo

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