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Pregnancy to Birth in 95 Seconds

Pregnancy to Birth in 95 Seconds, Pregnancy to birth in 95 seconds -- at least on YouTube, For one couple, documenting their growing family didn't begin with the birth of their daughter, but months before, when they found out they were expecting. Using time-lapse photos in a 90-second YouTube video that has been viewed nearly 700,000 times in five days, the proud parents show the progression of a baby bump into a beautiful baby girl.

Titled simply, "Introducing ..." the video was uploaded by a user who goes by bornonboard, who has no other videos on their channel. Set to the pleasing guitar strings of "Wake Me" by Message to Bears, it shows the expectant mom in the same pose in the same side profile position, same room and same outfit throughout her pregnancy. As life changes around her, she does, too, though much more subtly.

And then, after a scene in which the father kisses mama's belly, we see both parents cradling their new bundle of joy: Amelie Amaya.

While it hasn't gone "Kony 2012"-viral, and it's not the first pregnancy time-lapse video out there, "Introducing..." has climbed to more than 697,000 views (as of Monday morning PT) in under a week. With more than 6,700 likes and 161 dislikes (who are those people?), and nearly 600 comments, it's also buzzed up some engagement, as well, beyond just passive intake.

Videos go viral for all sorts of reasons, but we think this one has gained popularity from being very simple, very sweet and very universal, in not only showing the miracle of birth (in a non-TMI way), but how lives can revolve around it, but continue just the same.

via: msn

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