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Girl Scouts chase cookie cash thieves
<a href='' target='_new' title='Girl Scouts try to capture cookie money bandits outside Walmart' >Video: Girl Scouts try to capture cookie money bandits outside Walmart</a>

Girl Scouts chase cookie cash thieves, Thieves rob Girl Scouts of $200, Scouts fight back, Some feisty Scouts fight back when two crooks grab $200 from their cookie coffers. Outside a Walmart near Houston, a group of Girl Scouts was selling cookies this past weekend. A man walked up and asked how much they were. Then, quicker than you can say "bad karma," the man grabbed $200 in cookie cash and ran to a getaway car. Girl Scouts try to capture cookie money bandits outside Walmart:

The Girl Scouts fought back. Rachel Johnson, a Girl Scout senior in her ninth year with the group, ran after the man and even held on to the car as it drove away. Iravia Cotton, another Girl Scout at the scene of the crime, spoke to local reporters.

"Me and my friend, Rachel, went after the money, and then they tried to hit me with the car. I started hitting the boy that was in the passenger seat, so I think he learned his lesson a little bit."

The two crooks remain at large. They were last seen in a black Toyota Camry with the license plate covered. After the crime, Rachel said what many are no doubt thinking. "Who steals from a Girl Scout? I mean, seriously, it's like the worst thing ever. . . . I hope your face hurts from when Iravia punched you -- jerks!"

The most important thing is, of course, that the two girls are both safe. However, according to KPRC and CNN, the girls may be held responsible for paying back the $200. Although something tells us that if their story goes viral, the girls will have no trouble bringing in the donations.

via: yahoo 

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