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Apple iPad 3 Features

Apple iPad 3 Features, 10 Must-Have Features, Apple is holding an event on Wednesday at which it is expected to unveil the next iPad and Apple TV. Here is a round-up of the rumours about the new device. In case you've missed the months of rumors, Apple is holding a media event Wednesday where it is widely expected to introduce a new iPad model. The event is being held in San Francisco, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which is next to Moscone Center, home to the Game Developers Conference this week.

Even the name of Apple's new device is undeclared. It could be iPad 3, or iPad HD, or some unforeseen variation on that theme. Pray Apple hasn't been bitten by the co-branding bug and partnered with Google and Yahoo to launch iPad+!.

But iPad fans know what they want: more features and improvements on existing features. Here are our top 10.

1. Retina Display

The iPad 3 will have a high-resolution 2048 x 1536, twice the current 1024 x 768 iPad 2 screen. This is one rumor that has almost gelled into fact. It will be fawned over and proclaimed gorgeous, at least until the iPad 4 appears.

2. Faster Processor

Some say the iPad 3 will have a quad-core A6 processor; others insist it will be a dual-core A5X. But you know the next iPad will need more horsepower to handle all the extra pixels on the new Retina Display screen.

3. Improved Camera

The iPad 2's camera leaves a lot to be desired. The next iPad is almost sure to offer something better, in back if not also in front.

4. Siri

Apple's beloved and ridiculed personal assistant represents an important effort to develop an alternative to keyword-based search. Let's hope the company sticks by her and makes her available on its next iPad.

5. A 7-Inch Screen

Maybe the iPad is as thin and light as it can be without sacrificing battery weight, and thus battery life. One alternative to trying to further starve the iPad would be to introduce a model with a 7-inch screen, if only not to keep Android tablet makers on their toes.
6. Micro SD Card Slot

Apple may not be interested in external storage options, since that might discourage use of iCloud. And after purchasing flash memory maker Anobit, the company has an incentive to offer hardware with its own internal storage. But a slot for an SD card would be really helpful for many different use cases.

7. Thinner, Lighter

The iPad, slim through it may be, could be slimmer still. There are tradeoffs, to be sure. Apple doesn't want to deal with iPads snapped in half by burly toddlers, so some heft must remain. But the loss of a few ounces would be welcomed.

8. Wireless Charging

The iPad's Achilles' heel is its need for a cord. iCloud obviated the need for wired file transfers, but the iPad isn't yet untethered. Ambient light charging would be ideal, but since that's not feasible with today's technology, let's settle for inductive charging. A Thunderbolt port is a remote possibility--Apple has a patent on Thunderbolt for iOS devices--but that could just be hedging in case wireless speeds can't keep up.
9. Better Battery

As more and more people discover the joys of watching movies on iPads, more and more charging is necessary. And the power drain only gets worse if network data transfers are accompanied by other network services that utilize 3G, GPS, or other hardware. Can the iPad 3 have both more speed and more endurance? There's only so much power you can pack into a lithium battery before it becomes explosive.

10. Faster Wireless

Networking doesn't have to be the weakest link. Apple could add support for 4G LTE wireless technology and the latest in Wi-Fi, 802.11ac. Whether the company will do so may depend on the processor and battery characteristics of the new iPad. Faster networking would be worthless if it came with faster battery drain.

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