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Michael Bubl Says Simon Cowell Dissed Me
 Michael Bubl Simon Cowell, He may have brought the house down at last night's Rockefeller Center tree lighting ceremony, but Michael Buble recently revealed a live performance he wishes he could forget. The Canadian crooner still cringes when he thinks back to his appearance on 'American Idol' in 2007, which many critics called lackluster. Now, after all of these years, Michael is finally coming forward with the reason for his on-stage flop -- Simon Cowell!

"I had to sing 'Call Me Irresponsible' in front of 20 million people. And the first thing I saw when I got on stage was Simon Cowell," Buble recalls to the Radio Times. "I sang about four lines and he looked at me and did this [rolls his eyes dismissively] and that was it, I was done. It killed me. My confidence dropped."

After catching the glimpse of Cowell's indifferent gesture, Michael went on to give a performance that was so lacking, some questioned his sobriety while singing! "I get the attitude of, 'Oh really? Well, f*** you,''' Buble says in defense of his behavior. "And if you watch the clip on YouTube, I'm so aloof I look bored. And it became quite a thing for me in America because all the news agencies started to report that I was drunk. But I'm such a control freak I would never drink before going on stage."

As difficult as that 'Idol' appearance was, Buble claims that things are all good with Cowell today, and he holds no ill will against the current 'X-Factor' judge. "Every time I've ever talked to [Cowell] since then, he's been incredibly nice," shares the singer.

To read more about Buble's sensitive side, and to get the inside scoop on how newly-married life is treating him, check out our exclusive Q&A with the soulful singer. But if you want to LOL with (not AT) Buble, peep this just-released holiday spoof vid, featuring the singer's duet with 'The Office's Ed Helms.

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