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Starbucks closing public restrooms
Starbucks Closing public restrooms - Starbucks is closing some New York City public restrooms, due to heavy use, Starbucks is a very generous company, even during the holiday season (especially in the holiday season). but generosity has its limits.

The Seattle-based coffee retailer said it's closing some of its bathrooms in many of its Manhattan stores. starbucks public restrooms,The New York Post flushed out the story, noting “When you gotta go, don’t count on going at Starbucks.”

Its story noted the company is closing bathrooms because many of its workers are having to wait in line since customers are using the johns. The solution is converting public bathrooms to employee-only rooms. starbucks twitter,

Some Starbucks won't make the shift, leaving users or out-of-towners with a guessing game to find stores with a public restroom. starbucks  broken toilets, 
The Post also said it tried to get a comment from Starbucks headquarters but was unsuccessful.

Source: spokesman

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