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Sharon Tate's ring for sale?
(Funtuna) Sharon Tate's ring for sale?, The engagement ring Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate was wearing when she was murdered is about to go on the auction block.

Sharon Tate jewelry: The director proposed to tragic actress Tate with the gold ruby ring in 1967, two years before the pregnant star was stabbed to death by serial killer Charles Manson and his followers.Polanski removed the piece of jewellery from Tate's finger when he was called to identify her body and subsequently gave the ring to one of her close friends. The death of sharon tate and the manson murders,

The pricey piece, estimated to be worth at least US $10,000, is now one of the many items up for auction as part of the Gotta Have Rock and Roll pop culture memorabilia sale.

The online auction includes a bustier worn by Madonna, Justin Bieber's jacket from his Super Bowl commercial earlier this year and a collection of Elvis Presley's shoes and jackets.

It kicks off on Nov. 30 and runs until Dec. 9.

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