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Landlord murder forklift
Landlord murder forklift, Deputies say a man tried to kill the occupants of a trailer by repeatedly driving a front-end loading forklift into it.According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, John Miller intentionally drove the forklift into the mobile home he owns on West Ponkan Road, knowing people were inside. The incident took place around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The tenant told Local 6 that Miller was trying to evict her, and when she refused to leave, he got behind the wheel of the forklift and rammed into the home.

According to the Sheriff’s Office report, the woman pleaded with Miller to stop and told him someone else was inside, but he still proceeded to ram into the home a second time.

“He started plowing into the trailer while my sister, my two brothers, my son and my sister-in-law were inside,” the tenant said.

The tenant said Miller then began chasing her around the yard with the forklift while she was on the phone with 911.

Miller was arrested on attempted murder charges and taken to the Orange County Jail.

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