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Hand-Made Dead Space 2 Costume
While it’s true I have already declared the best do-it-yourself Halloween costume already, but I couldn’t let the season end without declaring this little number the runner up.The inspiration for this get-up came from the game Dead Space 2, where you play engineer Isaac Clarke, fighting your way through hordes of
necromorphs on one of Saturn’s moons. The suit grants the player abilities to keep him alive throughout his blood and corpse riddled campaign. Now while THORSOLLI’s suit doesn’t grant him any special perks, it does make him look pretty bad ass.

His design is made up of various materials such as plywood, styrene, pvc piping, some custom resin parts and various other materials. Not only that, but the costume come equipped with electric blue light in the helmet and backpiece, just like in the game.
When worn, the ensemble looks absolutely amazing, and the craftsmanship really shines through. While I don’t think I’d want to go killing any necromorphs in this thing, but I’d definitely hustle some kids for their candy.

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