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Glenn Beck cartoon in the works
Glenn Beck cartoon in the works, Glenn Beck animated show Glenn Beck’s internet-only network, GBTV, is making it harder and harder to tell whether its leader is a comedian or a political pundit.
Perhaps, as many suspect, he is a bit of both.

GBTV announced Tuesday that it is developing an animated comedy series in conjunction with Icebox, a production company founded by TV writers. gbtv partners icebox, As of yet, the show has no main concept, but it is bound to push the boundaries a bit.

“The team at Icebox has developed and produced shows for some of the most renowned and acclaimed networks on television and we are excited that GBTV will be home to one of their next projects,” said Joel Cheatwood, GBTV's president of programming. We look forward to working with Howard, Tal [Vigderson] and Jon on bringing an entertaining animated show to GBTV."

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Beck launched GBTV after he left Fox News – or was forced out, but who’s keeping track?

It began with his own show, which he extended to two hours. It has since added shows like “Liberty Tree House,” a children’s program, and “The B.S. of A,” a comedic news show.

Via: reuters

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