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Girl with cancer asks "50/50" star on date
Girl with cancer asks "50/50" star on date, Lindsey Miller, a 26-year old graduate student from Los Angeles, was one of the young patients who felt deeply moved by the film. Diagnosed with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer in 2010, she keeps a personal blog about her medical journey. Now, a few months after initially seeing, relating to and loving "50/50," she's decided to enter the dating world, and wants the film's star to be her first date. "After seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance and seeing/reading some of his subsequent interviews about the film I thought, 'This guy gets it. And he’s cute. I wonder if I could ever run into him somewhere,'” she writes. "But even though I live in LA, it seems impossible to find him... Maybe YouTube can help."

In her blog, Lindssy describes how she sees herself. Girl with cancer asks "50/50" star on date ,

"With cancer, there are generally only three categories of living patients: those in treatment, those in remission, and those who have been cancer-free for many years (survivors,)" she writes. "I don’t fit fully into any of these categories so I made up a new one: I am a liver."

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