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Cursing baby doll
Cursing baby doll, The "You & Me Play & Giggle Triplets" have some Houston parents talking about what it sounds like a doll is saying.

Parents: cursing baby should not be sold The dolls make all sorts of sounds, mostly it's baby babble, but one of them appears to say the phrase, "Hey, crazy b***h.""Well, it's very clear to me what it said and that was quite shocking when I heard it," said Julie Hailey. The Houston-area mom said she wouldn't want her young daughter playing with the toy.

"I mean, it may not supposed to say that, but it sounds pretty obvious to me," she said.

The dolls are sold for $39.99 at Toys R Us stores. A spokesperson for the company told KPRC Local 2 the dolls don't swear and they haven't received widespread complaints from parents. cursing dolls Toys R Us,

But Sheena Ayers said she hears differently.

"What's it called? I'm going to complain," she said. The grandmother called the doll horrible.

"There's enough mess in this country other than a doll saying cuss words."

Toys R Us said they have no plans to pull the dolls from the shelves. If parents are unhappy with the toy, they can bring it back under the store's return policy.

Source: click2houston

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