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Australian boy, 14, jailed in Bali - A Bali court sentenced a 14-year-old Australian boy to two months in jail on Friday for possessing a few grams of marijuana, a lighter sentence than sought by prosecutors after Canberra asked for leniency.
The teenager is likely to be released in early December, a prosecutor said, having already served time since his detention in October. australian boy jail bali drug charges, Australia pushed Indonesia for leniency in a case that has sparked controversy given his age, and its Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd welcomed the court verdict that he said meant the boy and his family would probably be back home by Christmas. boy bali jail two months,

The teenager was on holiday in Bali when he was allegedly found with 3.6 grams of marijuana.

A lawyer for the boy said his parents would not appeal the court decision to give him a two-month term, which was lighter than the prosecutors' demand for three months.

Indonesia has a maximum penalty for drugs possession of 12 years in jail, and smugglers can face the death sentence. bali 12 years jail ,

In past cases Australians have received heavy sentences for attempting to smuggle drugs, a source of tension between the two neighbors.

Source: yahoo

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