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Spooks finale 5m

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Spooks finale 5m
Spooks finale 5m, Spooks finale 5M, The final episode of the BBC spy drama Spooks drew an audience of 5.1 million people, the figures have revealed overnight.
But the climax of the tenth series lost to rival ITV1 Downton Abbey, which was watched by 8.9 million people during the same time interval.

The show of espionage could not overcome the tragedy of the execution time for six nights a week on Sunday.His end was focused on the relationship between Harry and Ruth unconditional.

The central plot of the final mission of the intelligence unit, in turn, surrounded by a Russian villain was the improvement of plans to wreak havoc in London.

TV critics have marked the end of Spooks after 10 years with Laura Pledger Radio Times saying that the decision to cancel the show was correct.

But he added that in the last episode, the series still “had not lost its power to shock.”

Sam Wollaston, writing in The Guardian, cited the conviction of espionage thriller writer John Le CarrĂ© in the series, saying “if Spooks” sht “as John Le CarrĂ© says, and then sucks there is nothing better.”

Benji Wilson in the Telegraph sums up the series’ last 10 years, calling it “TV time.”

“The events of the last decade has reduced the distance between the ridiculously implausible and terribly real to a very thin line. Brightness Spooks has been the toes over the line from start to finish.

“It was issued the first six months after 9 / 11, and since then a combination of real events, political rhetoric and paranoia pandemic has paid enough to disturb credibility,” said the writer.

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