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#1 Designer Mousetraps
10 Snazzy Rodent Catchers By Mousesnaps

#2 Mousetrap Light Switches
The Josselin Zaigouche 'Switch Me' Dares You to Turn on the Lights
#3 Ethical Rodent Riddance
Roger Arquer Non-lethal Traps
#4 Extreme Pest Control
The Victor Multi-Kill Mouse Trap (VIDEO)

#5 Ventricular Vase Snares
The OneDown Rat Trap is a Stylish Alternative to the Conventional
#6 Robotic Mousetraps
Jake Easton Creates a Truly Modern Way to Get Rid of Rodents (VIDEO)

#7 Mousetrap Ornaments
Designer Mousesnaps Won't Stop 'Creatures from Stirring'

#8 Glass Bottle Mouse Traps
Rodent-Friendly Traps Consisting Of Household Objects

#9 Mouse Pads Mousetraps
The Laptop Finger Trap

#10 Mousetrap Coffins
Sarah Dery Designs Hygienic Mousetraps

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