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Already contests in honor of her suit. In Chicago, the competition was twins star. Take a look

At the end of this week, Lady Gaga wins Chicago! Not only is this weekend, from 6 to 8 August in Chicago is a music festival Lollapalooza, one of the best frontmen who became Lady Gaga, so also the eve of the festival curious, gathered at the city center, could watch as many as eight (!) Lady Gag . Seeing them in such numbers was made possible thanks to the competition twins superstar, which is arranged in one of Chicago pizza.
1) Eight women fought for the title of best twin Lady Gaga. Contestants had to submit similarity with the pop diva in all: in hairstyles, clothes, manner of holding herself.
2) The winner twins Lady Gaga - Ann Marie Boyer, which is probably chosen another and because of its extravagant costumes, it is the appropriate style of Lady Gaga.
3) The judges of the contest were Miss Illinois and Miss Chicago.
4) The contest took place in a local pizza - "State Street Pizza". This location was chosen by the organizers not accidental: Lady Gaga many times treated their "little monsters" (that is, so she calls his fans), free pizza when they were forced to queue for tickets to her show or the singer's new disc. Photo: participants of the contest are posing in front of the pizzeria.
5) A prize for the girls, who occupied the first three places have tickets to the festival Lollapalooza, which takes place this weekend in Chicago, during which it is possible to witness Lady Gaga, who acted as the frontman of the festival Lollapalooza-2010. It was from Chicago to participate in this festival three years ago, the singer climbed on the podium musical
6) At this time, Lady Gaga also made a free distribution of pizza - thousands of her fans who came to the festival Lollapalooza, which takes place in Chicago for almost 20 years, got a pizza and mineral water by the singer.

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